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Opportunity, Protection, Fairness

Red Card Guest Worker Permit guarantees the three essential elements – opportunity, protection and fairness – across the board:

  • For employers
  • For migrants seeking work in the US
  • For immigrants seeking citizenship
  • For Americans worried about secure borders

Here’s what we mean:



  • For business to get the workers they need
  • For workers to find the jobs they need
  • For the economy to grow and prosper
  • For workers to apply for citizenship while working (no special place in line)
  • Upward mobility for workers
  • Portability – the ability to change jobs while working legally
  • Ability to renew permit, as long as worker still has a job and has committed no crime


  • From mass amnesty or millions of instant citizens
  • Rule of law – no illegal hiring
  • Border security enhanced
  • Workers secure against abusive employers
  • Freedom from exploitation
  • Enter through gate, no need to risk sneaking across border or pay smugglers


  • Keeping families together
  • Not criminalizing people who have no legal options
  • No need for Gestapo-like enforcement raids
  • An easy way for both employers and employees to be legal
  • Equal treatment under law
  • Opportunity to come out the shadows and be treated like all other workers
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